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Ready to upgrade my Synology NAS?
10 years ago Synology 110j....
5 years ago Synology 216+II...

Bought into Synology originally to cover 1 IP camera with remote access, store my music and video media and stream using DLNA, and backup my PC and phones.

Updated 5 years ago as added a second IP camera, 110j getting very slow and less DSM support, and wanted to add RAID, hence the 216+II with 2x4TB WD Red drives.

That worked well, for 3-4 years, but is getting full, slowing a lot, and remote access is incredibly slow and unreliable.

So, thinking of up'ing to a 4 bay.

Want to stay with Synology. Budget not too important. Want top speed so processor, memory and maybe SSD cache (?) important, but only for single user so LAN speed of 1Gb/s is fine (IMHO), and whatever RAID is deemed the best.

Have recently updated my whole WiFi/router system to Linksys Velop mesh, with an MR9000v1 router and 3 WHM03v2 repeaters, all of which seem to be working really well, and which I can reliably and quickly access from worldwide, so I'm happy they are not a bottleneck.

Have watched some of your videos, I'm thinking maybe the 420, 720 or even 920.

I want it for the next 5 years, minimum.

I'm open to suggestions, with justification of course.
I'd like to hear their thoughts on your request as well. I have a 213j that is ripe for replacement soon. While I don't have an answer for you, I'll suggest another option for you. Even though I am also considering moving to a 4 bay system there is another option you could consider.A 2-Bay set up, with external back up. DS220+ or 720+ (or 222 / 722 equivalents). 6 or 8TB drives RAID 0 for speed, and use Hyper Backup to an external drive you can house elsewhere. and do this monthly. It could cost less (not that that's a concern for you) but having a backup elsewhere is a safer thing to do. However, if SPEED is the most important thing for you, I'm not so sure RAID 5 would give you much of an improvement, assuming that's one of your reasons to go with a 4Bay solution.My guess is the Eithernet connection and Processors would give you the best performance improvement over the 216 and 110. The 110 would be an overkill External backup. but it's Free vs buying a new drive set up. so there is that too. Some food for thought.Side note:I posted a thread here with a comparison chart of 2 and 4-bay drives. I'm not sure how exactly accurate it is, I'm hoping they respond, but I think it might be helpful guidance for users like you and I.

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