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Direct connection between Synology & a Win10 PC?
I have a windows 10 PC with a single ethernet port and I need to keep it hardwired to the network (going through a gigabit switch). I work with lots of large files (typically around 20 to 30Gb) and I'm looking to increase my file transfer speed. Since the NAS has USB 3.0 ports I was wondering if I can connect it directly to the PC via USB (and I understand that the drive would have to be formatted as exFAT for both DSM7 and Windows 10 to recognize it). Questions that I have that I can't find an answer to through web searches are:

* Would the USB connection actually be faster than the network connection? USB 3 has a theoretical rate of up to 5GBps from what I've read but even if it only works at 2GBps that doubles the maximum transfer rate compared to the max speed of the ethernet connection.
* Would connecting one by USB and the other by eSATA work? The NAS has an eSATA port and the drive enclosure has one as well, so if a direct USB connection wouldn't work could I use those two different connections to achieve what I'm looking to do?
* If a direct USB or USB/eSATA connection wont work, could I use a USB to ethernet adapter and connect directly to one of the NIC ports on the NAS? Would this actually increase the data transfer rate? Currently I'm only getting about 100MBps on average going from PC to switch to NAS.

Any help or feedback anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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