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What to choose for home/personal usage purpose: NAS + DVR (my first setup)?
Hi Experts,<br><br>

I plan to startup my first NAS for personal usage. My target for NAS server is as follows:<br>
- personal/home purpose;<br>
- NAS for backing up (phone) pictures, (phone) videos: access to NAS for 4 Family Members;<br>
- DVR for my 2 outdoor and 2 indoor WiFi D-Link cameras (2 x DCS-8630LH, 2 x DCS-2630L);<br>
- planned 2 Bays unit: each Bay containing max 8TB HDD: 4TB (or more) for data backup, 4TB (or less) for 7 days DVR storage.<br><br>

Would you please advise which device shall I go for? Would it be DS220+, DS720+ or should I go for some other type? Sharing your own experience and your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,<br>

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