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QNAP TVS-H1288X as a surveillance platform?

Rob, would you say the TVS-H1288X is a "good" surveillance platform - or is it "better" or even "best"? (I've seen your 2021 video regarding QNAP/surveillance and also the recent "best surveillance NAS for 2022".)

I'm retired IT staff (Unix sysadmin, DBA, for 30+ years). After quite a lot of research (much of which being NASCompares videos) I'm pretty much sold on QNAP (over Synology) as a long-term solution for us. My wife and I are all about music, live performance, movies, etc., and we have a large number of CDs (300-ish) and BluRays (150-ish) that will be digitized on the NAS for access by Plex. We also want to enable access to our library to the TVs in all our 4BR home (remote access? maybe not so quickly, that's TBD). The TVS-H1288X seems to be where we will land (starting with four 18GB drives in a RAID5 configuration).

Surveillance would then be the next step. Other than what you've discussed in the two YouTube videos mentioned above, is there anything else I should consider before jumping on the QNAP surveillance bandwagon?

Much obliged for your time, thanks.

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