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Question/opinion on a 2nd NAS, to be used for surveillance..?

I currently use a 1019+, for plex movie and a large music library, and recording 2 interior cameras 24/7.. I'm a little concerned about the wear and tear on the 1019+ and the drives. Would it be highly advisable to get maybe a 220+ to handle just the recording? A Synology NVR is probably out of the question. Any opinions, or other recommendations on what to use for the recording? I have 2 spare 4tb drives I can use if I get another NAS.
I guess it all really hinges on your cameras and their compatibility - if they're POE / Wireless / Wifi, Plus if you're happy with simple surveillance software or want something a little more 'In Depth'Plus there's always the budget to consider.Qnap QVP-21A will set you back around £600 and supports the QVR Pro Client surveillance software - it's a dedicated surveillance piece of kit, so may be excessive for what you need.Qnap TS-253D (Rob raves about this one) is a more rounded NAS at under £400 & will come with multiple camera licences and be more than enough to cope with your 2 cameras - plus you could utilise some of the other QNAP software & features plus the extra space on your 4TB drives to backup some of the content on your 1019+. It's also expandable (way beyond a 220+), so offers a little future proofing with RAM & PCIe slotsThe TS-253D is only a little more expensive than the 220+ - but it does have an HDMI port that the 220+ lacksIf your budget is tight, you could always look to Ebay (or similar) for an older model (Like a TS-253A or Synology equivalent) where someone else is taking the expense of upgrading. although personally, I never sell old NAS, they just get cycled down.Not forgetting you could always go for the DX517 expansion unit & create a separate storage pool using your 2x4TB drives in a RAID1 pair and dedicate that pair to your surveillance - therefore not impacting your media at all.Hope this helps.TribalHoundI'm currently using a TVS-472-XT (64GB Ram) for virtualisation, all things intensive & always on Cloud Backups.My TS-453A (16GB Ram) is demoted to Media & CCTV. My old TS-210 is just a secondary backup device now, (Ram not upgradeable) - boots up twice a week on a schedule - completes a backup then shuts down.I run all my HDDs in Raid 1 pairs (1st pair always SSDs in a primary NAS) - then backup NAS to NAS + an extra NAS to External HDD (for crucial data). Keeping storage pools to RAID1 pairs allows for simple migration or upgrading from NAS to NAS.

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