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NAS or DAS for safe data archiving?

I'm thinking of finally biting the bullet and upgrading my video storage solution (I'm currently just buying more and more USB drives and duplicating them for redundancy).

I use macs and thunderbolt / usb all the time.

I'm NOT an IT professional.

I thought that a NAS/ or DAS (RAID) would be a better option while my storage needs mount with more and more video content.

I'm going to access and add data for project work several times per year, but won't need to leverage it as an active work drive on a day to day basis. I plan just to transfer the data to a 'working drive' when I need to edit things and then just transfer it back when done. So SPEED isn't important.

That said, I want to make sure my STORAGE of the data is SAFE / backed up.

At first, I thought a synology NAS would be super user-friendly -

4 BAY NAS ($300-$400) (cheaper vs. more expensive)
4 10TB HD'S ($200+ EACH) (probably ironwolf vs. wd)

$1,100 - $1,200

But since there's no absolute backup (and that raid could still fail) I'd be stuck paying high monthly fees to backup 10TB+ over the coming decades.

So now I'm thinking I should get a DAS instead (since I could use the $7 / month personal backblaze with a DAS RAID) as a cheap backup along with the RAID redundancy.

Buuuuut.... Synology doesn't make a DAS (or I don't know of any way to clearly guarantee that I can use crashplan or backblaze with a mapped or NAS drive without jacking up the fees).

So I guess I could get a QNAP, but I'm concerned that I may not have the tech chops to set it up...

Does all that make sense?

Am I worrying about my lack of tech chops for the QNAP RAID?

Any other options I should be aware of?


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