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Synology DS3622xs+ NAS Review - Kind of a Big Deal

Synology DS3622xs+ NAS Review - Game Changer?

Reviewing the new Synology DS3621xs+ NAS is something that is going to be a little tough, given the huge range of buyers who see this particular server a
Wondering about the use of non Synology hard drives. The article specifically says that DSM 7 prevents the creation of a new volume with non Synology hard drives. What about migrating the volume from a DS3617xs composed of all non Synology hard drives?
Your video and article reviews for this product are outstanding and very in-depth. I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on purchasing because of the restriction of using only Synology drives. In your review, you mentioned that the prices are comparable to other manufacturers, but when I check Amazon, B&H, etc., the other brands (SG and WD pro models) are typically $200+ cheaper for the same capacity. Are you referring to the SRP and is there a way to find comparable sale prices for the Synology drives?

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