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PfSenese Compatible NAS?

I retired as the Senior Technical Team Leader for a fortune 10. I’m used to multi-petabyte SANs. I’m looking to set up small NAS system in my home mostly for (automated) backup but some file storage. I occasionally have need to provide large files to outside entities. Looking at the Synology 5 bay but could be talked into other vendors.
Question: You mention in your videos the two 10GBe ports can be aggregated. Can they be split to assign different IPs and ultimately assign specific volumes to IPs? I’d like to have an outward facing FTP but would want that on one IP that would reside in a DMZ on my pfSense box. The other NIC would then be used for in-house volume access.
2nd Question: New to SHR/SHR2. Any pros/cons on using SHR2 vs Raid 5 with a hot spare? (since ZFS doesn’t appear to be an option)
There will be more to choose among Qnap models. But Synology DS1618+ or DS3018xs will be the closest you can get to 10Gbe (with upgrade cards). TS672XT or TS672N (with 10GbE card) would be a good high-performance NAS allowing you to install pfSense ( can create several volumes and accordingly shared folders on them. Afterward, you can limit access rights to a shared folder you want (therefore limiting user access to only one volume). Here is how ( can also create ISCI disks with the same effect (allowing only one user for the entire volume or fraction of it). A bit more info here: choose SHR options if they have only a half-filled box. This allows them to add different size drives without losing storage space. RAID5 would see all drives as big as the smallest one.Apart from that, there is no difference.I hope this helps.

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