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QNAP TS-453Be to Synology DS920+ ?

Good Morning I have been watching your videos and bought my first NAS 3 years ago but now its giving problems by turning of and rebooting by itself every 2 hours. it has become very annoying. That NAS is a QNAP TS-453Be. I have been running it for mostly Plex and storing pictures. I have 1 TB of movies (400 movies approx.) and 3500 photos stored on the 4 drives in that QNAP NAS. Modification to the QNAP NAS (8GB of DDR memory, 2 500 GB NVMe SSD on PCI port.)

My Qnap is currently now working properly and I would like to switch to a Synology DS 920+.

I don't want to lose my 1 TB of data of movies and photos but I would like to purchase the DS920 4bay NAS or QNAP TS-451D2 4bay. I basically use my NAS for Plex and storing photos.

My question is how and I purchase a new NAS set it up and not lose my data that I have from my previous NAS (TS-453Be)?

Please help Thank you in advance.
1brownmaaAre you buying NEW drives to put into your new NAS or keeping your 3yr old drives to re-use?If you are trying to keep your existing drives, I wouldPurchase a 2TB drive $45.00usd and add to a PC or Mac. Then copy your 1TB of movies / photos from your QNAP to the single drive. Once your data has been copied, pull your drives and add them to your new (Synology) NAS Smile .... Set up the new NAS, build your array and copy your 1TB of data to the new NAS.Option 2 Purchase 4 new drives with your new Synology Smile , I like Synology ,and copy your 1TB of data across the network to the new NAS.

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