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Best way to setup new DX517?

Hi NAS compares team,

The storage space on my Synology NAS (DS1520+) is running out. That's why I bought an expansion unit (DX517). Now I saw your video on youtube called "Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Synology DX517 Expansion - Part I". Unfortunately, part II and III have not been released yet. (Hope they will in future). I am sure that you may would have answered my question in video part 2 or 3.

Anyway, i want to strictly separate the hdd's / storage from the expansion unit from the storage of the NAS to prevent data loss caused by NAS or DX failure. For example if the NAS or DX Powersupply fails or one of them just stops working, the RAID will be damaged, because suddenly several disks disappear at the same time. This is why i want to separate them. Unfortunately, it is not clear to me how to set it up the right way. I am not sure, if i have to create a separate storage pool with its own volume(s) for the new disks in the expansion unit, or if it will be enought to simply add the disks to the existing storage pool and create a new volume within this storage pool? I think the second option (adding drives to existing pool and creating a new volume in there) will distribute the data from volume 1 and 2 which are in the same storage pool, across all HDD's (These in the NAS and DX517) and will not separate them physically on the Harddrives, right?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


PS: Hoping to see part 2 and 3 of your video "Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Synology DX517 Expansion - Part I" soon - really interested in it.

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