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Will the Synology HAT3500 work in a DS1019+?

I have a Synology DS1019+, and plan to change my HDDs. I now have five regular 3TB WD Red drives, and plan to change to 12-14TB drives. The Synology HAT3500 drives is not in the compatibility list, nor in the not compatibility list. I have contacted Synology on chat, and he did not know if it would work. Do you know if they will work in my NAS?

An other question. What happened to the DS1019+? In 2019 when I was in the marked for a NAS to run Plex among others, the 1019+ got good reviews on the net. NASCompares also had good videos on it. In 2020, probably when the DS920 came out, the 1019+ seemed to drop of the earth. I hope I chose a good NAS.

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