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Pro Photographer, looking for a good backup solution?

HI guys,

Love the YouTube channel. I wonder if you can help me, I'm Currently backing my MacBook laptop up, via Time Machine, to a basic extrnal drive, 8TB, and then saving projects to another basic External Drive, just Seagate or similar 8TB when I'm ready to move the files fully off my laptop.
I also backup final edits in HD jpeg to Amazon Drive and Dropbox.

I'm looking for a better solution, I've thought of keeping a basic Time Machine drive going, but also getting a Synology DiskStation DS720+ or DS220+ ,saving all my final Projects to those Drives, in a Mirrored Raid, probably using 4TB Barracuda drives, (8TB when available)
And then just swapping those drives out when they are full, and storing them away, labeled, and in a database, so if i need access to any old projects, I know which drives to slot in.
I'd keep the cloud storage going also.

Just wondered if that was a good solution, or if something cheaper like a Terramaster would work as well.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Have a great week, Chris.
No-one responded? I am working on the same problem, wanting to be more serious about my photography. I have bought an HP N54L Microserver to build my own NAS. It has four drive bays that I have populated with 3TB drives, gives just under 8TB of space in Raidz1 / RAID5. I think you would find the speed of RAID better for moving files around. I have asked for help on picking the best operating system...TrueNAS with Plex for the photo management, but I do like the look of Synology Photos, it has some AI capability. I would recommend that you look at a four bay NAS. Have a search for Morten Hilmer's recent vlog where he described his history of filling disks and growing into a need for NAS - he covers your plan for tucking away old drives.

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