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HBS encrypted backup to cloud service: private key?

I'm thinking of backing up some folders of my QNAP File Station to Dropbox with "HBS Backup & Sync".

I want to do this with encryption, so the files on my NAS are not encrypted, but the backups on Dropbox are, so no regular files are ever sent to Dropbox's servers.

In this case I wonder:

1. Where is the private key stored?

2. Do the HBS developers have access to this private key?

3. If my NAS gets destroyed in a fire, and I buy a new NAS, will I be able to un-encrypt my backup after retrieving it from Dropbox? (I'm sure I'd need to have a copy of the private key in this case)

Any advice much appreciated!
1. it's a password you choose yourself and then have to memorise or save somewhere yourself.2. it's up to you.3. see the detailed answer below:Basically if you do a restore from a NEW QNAP NAS, you have to be sure to select "destination" in the setup, and select the backup file (.qdff) manually like so:In the screenshot above, be sure to select "latest version" as well.Then, going to the next screens, you'll see "Specify a client-side encryption password" on the "Rules" screen.I hope this helps.

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