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Use Old NAS HDD for USB Backup?

I increased the capacity of my Synology 218j NAS using SHR from 2 x 2tb to 2 x 6 tb . I want to repurpose the 2 year old 2 tb WD Red HDDs as a USB backup. I bought a HDD case, installed the 2tb drive (haven’t done anything with the HDD, just straight from the 218j to the case), and plugged  it into the USB port of my 218j. The USB 2tb drive shows up in the upper right hand of  DSM, but not when I use the HyperBackup wizard. I know the case works as I tried it on a 250gb HDD left over from my recent upgrade to a SSD of my older laptop. The case specs says it can handle up to 16 tb.Do I need to format,repartion or something  the 2tb HDD ? I so, how ? I looked on YouTube, and the internet on how, but no success.Can you give me any direction ?

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