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HBS sync/file station: How to auto clean recycle folder?

So I have a 2 way sync set up with HBS between my NAS ⇔ Dropbox.

Whenever I move/rename a file on Dropbox, on my NAS:

1. the old file ends up in the Recycle bin
2. the file is re-added in the correct folder/with the correct name

The problem is that if I don't go manually clear out the recycle bin from File Station, my NAS' storage just ends up becoming FULL really quick...

**My question:**

A. Is there either a way to have HBS Sync not move files to the Recycle bin at all, but just delete files that don't exist anymore, like how Dropbox works on a regular Macbook?
B. Is there a way to have File Station automatically clear out the Recycle bin ever hour or something?
You have to "disable" the recycle bin on the shared folder by right clicking the shared folder, and go to "properties" > "shared folder" there'll be an option for it.

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