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2-Bay NAS for Video Streaming?

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a 2-bay budget NAS for home use. The NAS will store mostly videos and photos and mostly accessed by me only. I've been using Google Drive and the amount of videos and photos that I use is nearing 2 TB. I see it growing for this year hence looking at 6-8TB of data and that will do good for at least 2026.

I also need the capability to play videos from it. I'm doing 1080p videos for now but I'm not discounting the need to play 4k videos at 30 fps. I won't do 60 fps as it's not my video editing style.

I'm looking into Synology since it was said that their software is top notch. I know my way around PCs. I can build and fix PCs but as much as possible, I don't want it to be a chore in terms of storing data (coming from an easy cloud based storage).
I dont know if you already have purchased your nas yet but I found the ausustor 2 bay as1002t nas to be great. It will run Plex very well for your video streaming and i added nextcloud to mine to allow me to have a place to store all my pictures and videos taken on my phone instead of uploading to g00gle. giving me more control over my own data. The nas come with out any drive so you would have to buy 2 drives to put in it. I added 2 4tb nas drives so with the way to nas stores your data i am left with 4tb for data with the 2nd drive a a reduntant back up so if one drive fails all your data is not lost you just replace the bad drive and continue on. there is also dual network and a usb port.

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