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Hide Folders for Admin in Photo Station?

Hello and thanks in advanced,
My question is as follows: for the QNPA Photo Station interface is there a setting to hide on the admin (me) specific folders. I have created a private folder for another user pictures and was able to upload them into photo station, however, I have not been able to hide all his photos from being available on my photo station. I can hide for the user but not for the admin. Or if there is a way to grant the other user access to the multimedia console and do photo station independently.
Once more thanks in advanced.
Hi, I have two users, basically, ‘Phil’ and admin. Phil can see the private folder and admin cannot, except when in Qfile. so it can be done, if I’ve interpreted your question right. make the other user the folder owner and get them to log on and modify the folder permissions. I don’t think I could get the admin user to revoke its own permissions though...that may be where it’s not working as expected?

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