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10 gbe nas?

Dear ,
we have a small media bussines , our budget it $1800 and we have a 1gbe computer and we want a Nas which is good and give us more speed in video editing and fast transfer like 10gbe , so which Nas is good for this and what we need to do and we will connect to two PC or 3 with very high speed for editing,

$1800 for Nas , disk , pcie , all thing

I am looking forward for your answer
Synology is simple to set up and use. But if you are the only editor and have a Thunderbolt port on your editing machine then maybe Qnap TVS-872XT would be an option too. You can connect it directly without a switch. You can also connect Synology direct via 10GbE, just need to do an extra step with IP config (also need 10g on a computer).DS1621+ would allow mixing different size drives, but you can also start with fewer drives (bigger in size) and leave a few bays empty for storage increase later on.Adding more RAM will not speed up video editing. This is something you need if you also run other apps like Plex, VMs and servers.Adding cache though will help a lot. You do not need Synology M.2, any SSD will work. I prefer Samsung EVO M.2.If you had multiple 4K editors then DS1621xs+ would be already a better choice.I hope this helps.

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