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Separate NAS Hard drive for surveillance ?

Hello, I’m new to NAS. Thank you for your videos it has helped me tremendously in make the move to NAS. I purchased a sys ology DS1520 and I have attached two Reolink E1 zoom cameras. I currently have 3 iron wolf drives. My main question is, I have a 1tb WD purple drive from an old surveillance system, would it be a benefit to add it to my NAS and can I set it up to be used only for surveillance station. If you have a video on this topic that would be great.

Thank you very much for your help
In fact, this would be a very good thing to do. Surveillance keeps your drives running all the time. If you recorder surveillance on a separate drive this would allow other drives to hibernate when inactive. Also using a separate LAN for cameras would give more bandwidth for other NAS operations.Here is how to create separate RAID (in this case Basic mode for a single drive) in storage pool: hope this helps.

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