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Your advice for NAS?

Dear Friend,

I would like to ask you about which NAS is good for me,

I`m a home user and the main requirement for me is to take automatic backup for 5 mobiles IOS and android but no one from these mobiles can see the other one data.
and windows and I want to use multimedia for smart TV.

Thanks a lot in advance

Synology moments will allow you to have several phones backed with no access to other people photos unless you share them. Once you have synced the photos you can use a free storage space button to remove backed up photos. Synology has the best Windows backup function allowing you to create a recovery disk and restore your computer. Others do file/folder level backups.DS218+ would be the cheapest multimedia friendly NAS with an option to upgrade its RAM later and no limits on apps that you can install.I hope this helps.

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