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Choosing a NAS?

Hey there!

I'm looking into getting a NAS but have been overwhelmed with the costs and options.
I'm looking for something that can run Home Assistant (with Zigbee and Z Wave USBs attached), a Plex Server for music, photos, and some movies, and to work as an NVR to hold footage for a week or two at 720p from 3 cameras.

What would be the minimum requirements I'd be looking for to achieve this and any advice in general?

You will need a Docker app supporting NAS:21 series: RS4021xs+, RS3621xs+, RS3621RPxs, RS1221RP+, RS1221+, DS1821+, DS1621xs+, DS1621+, DVA322120 series: RS820RP+, RS820+, DS1520+, DS920+, DS720+, DS620slim, DS420+, DS220+Here is how to set it up:, Celeron based models would feature a graphics chip which is handy for a PLEX server.Recording 720p for two weeks would require 1TB storage space. Also would be useful to have an additional LAN port or even a spare bay dedicated to surveillance.My choice would be DS420+ / DS920+.I hope this helps.

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