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NAS Advice?

Hello! Congratulations on your website and the good reviews on NAS. I wanted to consult your opinion or recommendation, based on the data provided. I want to get away from Google a bit more, try NextCloud, create my first home media server, etc. There are many options, but I am not sure which one will meet my needs. There are several NAS that do not allow updating the RAM memory, and I do not know if that could represent a problem in the long term. Maybe the Synology DS220 + can cover that, but it might be a bit out of my budget, adding the price of Hard Drives. A friend recommended the TerraMaster F2-210, with a Celeron CPU that I do not know if it can be a reliable option (because of the bad reputation that these CPUs bring about their low performance). On the other hand there is the Synology DS120j, but as I think it happens with all the J series models, the RAM memory is quite limited and does not allow to increase it. I would not like to buy something that in the short term falls short and, I do not know, after a year I have to replace the NAS because the performance is not good. Sorry for the long text, and possible bad English. Regards, and thank you very much.
Actually choosing a NAS with a Celeron inside is the best thing to do within this price range. J series and value series NAS comes with no option to upgrade and also have limitations on what you can install on this NAS. Celeron supports all apps.Asustor or TerraMaster is often a choice when people do not want to use first-party apps made by a particular manufacturer. In this case, only the price for hardware matters. But if you are happy to use these apps then Synology and Qnap will offer better reliability, support and regular functionality updates.I hope this helps.

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