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Move from Google Photos?

I got the NAS to use as a bridge between my Windows 10 laptop machine (and its access to a VPN to access stuff on company internal network, AND my main box, with is Manjaro Linux. (I use it. I do not know it well.)

I want to move myself and my wife AWAY from Google Photos for a number of reasons.

Can we have an environment on our Android phones where shots will be automatically sent to the NAS, and then LINKABLE, so we can share photos or Albums with others?

Which app woudl be best for this please?
QuMagie is a mobile app that will SYNC all multimedia from your phone to your NAS. Other users then get access to other devices unless you make it private.You can share these files over the internet or play them via DLNA or other multimedia player over the network.Built-in AI robot will allow you to sort pictures by faces, locations, objects found on photo, data and location. These are handy features.I hope this helps.

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