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Synology NAS upgrade?

Good evening,

Brought my first nas synology DS218+ 2 bay with 2 x 4tb Ironwolf drives last March totally just for Plex to be honest. I love it but now need more storage. At the time price was important and would it work well in my living room with remote access whilst at work(nightshifts where I can watch plex). Thats why I went with the 2 bay as didn't want to have made a costly mistake.

It does work well I have fibre to cabinet internet so not the best but have no problems streaming remotely. I'm worried about noise with going to a 4 bay synology and the DS920+. Currently set up via ethernet to my router in the living room. Checking your videos I'm unsure should I wait to see if there's a new 4 bay is on the horizon or as your video says go for it? My plan is the DS920+ with 4x 4tb WD red drives as a slower spin rate?

What do you think?


Noise levels on a 2 bay and 4 bay is actually the same - NAS often have a louder fan, because a bigger fan needs to spin slower to achieve the same cooling levels.You are right with the HDD choice. WD Red will be quite. Or you could make a setup with 1 or 2 SSD for system file and OS storage and HDDs for multimedia. But having only HDDs is just fine.Alternatively, you could have another NAS located somewhere else. You can link this extra storage space to your existing NAS inside the Plex. So one NAS is a Plex server with some multimedia and another NAS serve as additional storage space.I hope this helps.

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