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A replacement for Windows Home Server; AcerH340 EasyStore?

So, I have a dead Acer H340 that had Win Home Server. I loved the software and it was as simple or complex as you wanted to make it.
I was wanting to have a NAS that worked much like WHS.
Here is what I would like it to do in order of priority.
*Back up Windows 10 computer (Images as well as file History). I have had instances of computers crashing and losing Data. I just don't have time to reload programs and reset up.
I have AutoCad and Revit for drafting which are huge files.
*I would like backups to happen in the background in the evening so I don't slow computer during office hrs.
*Cloud access would be preferred but not necessary.
*Plex would be nice to stream movies I have on the hardrive of my Acer H340 TS video files
*iTunes server is a nice to not a have to.
I want a unit that can use low power when idle.
I am open to a Windows 10 computer that I can just use and install 4 HardDrives and then use storage pools from windows but that may not be the most efficient use of a computer/energy use.
Are there any suggestions that you can provide me with?

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