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Which provider has the best phone sync app?

I'm ready to move from Enthusiast to Customer.
No more juggling Docker containers and gluing with scripts.

For me the killer feature is automatic backup of photos from 5 Android phones.
I've tried Owncloud, Nextcloud and Syncthing but never really felt relaxed.
For a while the Plex phone app looked promising until is was revealed that
the app had to be active for the sync to run.

Here's my workflow: When a phone takes a picture or shoots a video, it should automatically be sent to the NAS.
Shortly after, the other phones connected to the same NAS, can see the new photo/video - either in their own app or in a web gui.

I don't need my NAS for surveillance, transcoding, torrenting.

Which provider has the best phone app (Exclusively Android).

Very much appreciated!
Even though I prefer Qnap and Synology Photo apps, but I have to say that WD EX2 Ultra gave me the smoothest experience regards automated photo backups. With Qnap and Synology the app needs to be open to be able to sync. WD did that without ever opening the app.

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