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4k Plex server PC or NAS?

I am getting ready to build a 4k Plex server. I want a mostly prebuilt solution that I can add drives to and be off an running. I do like the idea of SHR or Drobo's beyond raid to add storage down the road. What are your suggestions for building a long term 4k Plex server?
If you have 4K TVs then something like transcoding would not be necessary and more or less any NAS would do the job.DS920+ / DS1520+ with Celeron chip would support transcoding up to 1080p in Plex, but 4K transcoding would be only possible via Synology Video app.If you do need to transcode 4K and original file streaming is not possible then TVS-672N or 872XT would be a better choice. Intel Core i based models not only have a hardware transcoder but also a powerful enough CPU to cope with software transcoding.If you prefer a dedicated PCIe graphics card for 4k transcoding then you may consider Qnap new 73A series NAS that supports this or older TS-x73 series.

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