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Setup RAID on Synplogy DS920?


Watched your videos, excellent and much appreciated! I have learned a lot but am new to NAS. I have a pretty basic question but haven't seen it addressed. Currently I have just purchased a Synology DS920 and have 2 8TB Ironwolf NAS disks to install. I bought the 4 bay 920 for expansion at a later time. So setting this up with adding future disks in mind I am thinking of using SHR raid. My question is with SHR, A/ will I be getting total of 8TB like RAID 1 and B/ what happens when I fill up the 8TB disks, can I just add two more to bays 3 and 4 and they will appear as a new volume?

thanks, for your help!

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Setup RAID on Synplogy DS920? - by Enquiries - 02-28-2020, 03:37 PM
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