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QNAP Skeptical ?

First of all, sorry for my bad english writing :-)

I have been looking at this NAS QNAP TS-h886 and it looks verry good. But I have heard that QNAP is not so good on customer service, I was looking at a youtube video that sceered me a lot. Do I have to be sceered to not get help.
Take a look at this youtube video please. What do you think about this?

I have also looked at your youtube video for comparing ts-h886 and synology 1621xs+
My purpose for a NAS is 3 things. Backup for my computers in my network, filesharing on my network and maybe the most important thing is Virtualization to setup diffrent system like Pi-Hole, Win Server 2019 and some other system. What do you think here. Witch do you think is the best NAS for virtualization.

And I will thank you for an EXCELENT youtube channel you have. I found it verry usefull :-)
Qnap support is somewhere similar to Synology and other leading brands. It is not bad. Compared to other brands they actually do a good job.One customer nowadays can cause significant harm thanks to social media, but it doesn't mean he is right. So often users make their NAS vulnerable to viruses and other things and blame the manufacturer.But Qnap is known as an innovative brand. They often add new functions and features without testing much which can end up in frustrations. But others do not offer something new that often.Qnap ts-h886 is one of the innovations with the Hero operating system. I would choose regular QTS software during the setup. This Heros os is still somehow new and might disappoint you with limitations. But this model would be very good for virtualisation. You could also consider the TVS-872XT and 872N series.I hope this helps.

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