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Quiet NAS Drives?

2u Server SilverStone RM21-308 case. Want to start off with just 2 drives for UnRAID but want them to best quiet(ish) as its in my living room but durable enough to run 24/7 most days. Anything 10TB+ is good. The 2u server is also in a rack enclosure which should help with noise. About 12-15 feet from my couch. Again biggest concerns are noise and durability, performance would be a nice 3rd factor but the first two are paramount.
The rack will never be a quiet solution. Plastic based desktop models would do a better job. But there is not much of a choice for a free NAS.Do people often ask which one is the quietest hard drive? The answer is simple – the quietest hard drives will always be with the slowest spin rate. No noise at all will be expected from SSD drives because there are no mechanical parts moving inside. But it might cost a few hundred per terabyte.The second place would take 2.5inch laptop drives. They are smaller and they spin much slower. But speed will still be faster then your NAS could output over regular ethernet cable.The last option of getting quite drives is WD Red drives. These drives spin above 5000RPM depending on the use. But it makes much less noise in comparison with regular 7200RPM drives. The good news is that the data transfer speed will still bee the same.I hope this helps.

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