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Synology for a file server?

first of all, I'm a regular viewer of your youtube content and learned a lot by watching your videos. Now, we're in the midst of replacing our venerable Win 2008 R2 server that served us well, and initially served as an ActiveDirectory DC, a file server and ESET NOD console, and a Autodesk Flexnet licensing server. We added a newer server 5 years ago that took over as the domain controller, and now, as we grew as a company, we have a much bigger need for file services than before. Up until now, users filled just below 300GB of data but now the projected usage should be around 80TB (I'm planning to setup client PC backups on it). So 8x 10TB drives should do (this is all overestimation!). I already use a DS214+ for server backups and it works flawlessly for its role. Should I just get a Synology RS1221RP+ and fill it with WDs and/or Ironwolves/Pro? Or should I consider something else? Thanks in advance.
Yes, there is no better system out there to backup up Windows computers and servers. Active Backup for business gets to the core when backing up and allow to create of recovery disks.Any plus series NAS such as DS1821+ or even rack such as RS1221RP+ will do the job.Here is a full list of supported NAS :21 series:RS4021xs+, RS3621xs+, RS3621RPxs, RS1221RP+, RS1221+, DS1821+, DS1621xs+, DS1621+, DVA322120 series:RS820RP+, RS820+, DS1520+, DS920+, DS720+, DS620slim, DS420+, DS220+I hope this helps.

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