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Home Budget 2-Bay NAS?


I'm from Indonesia and I'd like your help with me choosing a NAS.
Currently I already have WD MyCloud (not the Home edition) with 3TiB capacity. It is so old that I already fill 99% of it's available capacity. So now, I decided to buy NAS that can be, how to say it, upgraded, it's capacity. I choose WD Red to be filled with my future NAS.
I use my current NAS for mixed purpose, like streaming video, saving Office files, or backup. But mostly I use it to streaming video.
I actually already satisfied with my WD MyCloud. Whether it's user features or performance. Except for it's built-in capacity of course.
But if I can get a better transfer speed, it is better. Assumes I'm using capable switch or router to do it's maximum transfer speed.
For Plex, even if I could give it a try, but I don't mind not having it. I once try it with my WD My Passport Wireless Pro and it's unbelievably running at a snail's pace.
It would be very helpful if you can advise me NAS products from each manufacturer. I try to avoid Synlogy, QNAP, Thecus, and TerraMaster. But if it's prove to be better, then please.

Thank you.
"When choosing a multimedia NAS there are few things to look at. Most importantly you want a graphics chip built inside. All Celeron and Intel core I series does feature this. This allows NAS to convert a video or audio on the fly if receiving device can not play a particular file because of the video format or network/internet speed.You may also consider models with upgradeable RAM or even a PCIe slot (if you decide to add graphics or cache card). But having an option for more RAM will make it a more future proof solution. If you prefer to stream things via HDMI instead of WiFi or Ethernet than there are few models with this port at the back.Synology and Qnap would be the best option for multimedia. But if you do have compatible TVs then WD EX2 would do the job. If you do need transcoding then WD PR series NAS would be a good option.Synology and Qnap do offer more apps and better backups options though.I hope this helps.

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