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Kingston Memory and DS920+?

I bought a DS920+ and after watching a few videos, yours included, I bought the Kingston KCP426SS8/16 16 Gb SODIMM RAM that you listed on your site. I tried three times - It will not boot up with it installed. Power light stays blinking, and I do not get a POST beep or any other reaction. Is it possible that this has been changed in the BIOS that it won't accept any other memory but theirs? I'm going to be severely disappointed if that's the case. Hoping you've got some insight, or maybe something I missed. Thanks for the help!

We recommend initialising the NAS with original hardware at the start. Once that is finished and you have also updated to the latest firmware then you can try unofficial RAM. The success rate with Kingston is lower compared to Crucial RAM. We tested Crucial Dual Rank RAM, if Kingston doesn't work you could try that.We also recommend buying from Amazon since they offer free returns.I hope this helps.

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