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How to add Nest outdoor camera to Surveillance Station?


I own a NAS Synology DS118 and would like to use Synology Surveillance Station for my outdoor camera’s. Recently I bought Nest Outdoor camera’s and they are now connected to my router through Netgear ORBI RBK13 (WiFi extender system). The camera’s are outside the WiFi range of my router.

When adding the IP camera from Synology Surveillance Station, these camera’s are not recognised (neither via ONVIF). I believe I need to allocate them to a certain port, but from the Nest app, I only can see the IP address (no port assigned to it). Unfortunately I can not configure the port from the Nest app. Can you please advise me how to proceed? Thank you in advance for your help.

Nest cameras are not ONVIF compatible. And they were they are very likely limited to a single stream at the time. So if they record to their own cloud, they could not record toa NAS.I hope this helps.

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