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NAS mostly for video editing and network help?

Hi Rob
Thank you for offering to help people with queries. It’s a very welcome service you are offering. I want to purchase a NAS but would welcome some guidance.
My partner enjoys writing scripts and making films. We have recently got a BlackMagic 4K Cinema Camera so expect the data storage needs to increase along with the size of the video editing projects. I do a bit of editing as well mostly of old home videos and both of us have a considerable number of digital photographs.
I was going to build my own NAS from an older video editing PC and got as far as buying two WD 12TB NAS HDDs, a Fractal case and a Noctua fan for the old motherboard but after reading several articles about power consumption and noise, I’ve decided a purpose-built NAS device would be better.
I was thinking of getting a Synology 1520+ DiskStation, using the two HDDs already mentioned and buying three more. Is there any advantage of getting a 5 bay over a 4 bay, other than its just got more storage capability?
Virgin Media is our internet provider. We have their Hub 3 router which is pretty good and from that we have used 3 of the 4 ethernet sockets to run Cat6 cable to my desktop PC, my partner’s desktop PC and to a 4-way 1Gb switch located behind the TV for the Virgin V6 cable box (for Netflix, YouTube etc) and a Denon Receiver (for Internet Radio etc).
The only things we have wireless are our mobile phones and a printer. I would like to get the printer on a wired network if possible as it does have an ethernet socket.
The NAS would almost certainly be located in the same room as the Broadband router. Do you think our home network would be better if I purchased a separate switch rather than using the router to connect everything together? Or would it be better to use the NAS as the network ‘centre’? Or doesn’t it make any difference? And is there any advantage getting a 10GbE switch? None of our current devices have 10GbE networking capability but I wouldn’t mind getting 10GbE network cards for the two PCs if that gave an advantage.
I hope this makes sense. Thanks very much for your help.
Kind regards
Editing 4K footage over 1GbE (100MB/s) would be challenging. You should consider 5GbE or 10GbE connection. Some people have managed to use a USB 5GbE adapter on Synology DS1520+ /920+. But if you want 10GbE you should consider TS-653Be with a 10g card or Qnap 72N / 72XT series NAS.With Thunderbolt or 10GbE you can connect directly or via the 10GbE switch. Cheapest 10GbE switch cost around 160GBP can also set up a virtual switch inside Qnap if you want to share the remaining 1GbE ports.Either way, you can have several switches including the Qnap virtual switch to connect everything.I hope this helps.

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