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Premiere pro editing in team?

6 guys need to edit video as a team using premiere pro with pretty big files (some clips are 6 or more hours long). We have DS 3613 xs with two extensions all filled with 8TB drives and connected with 10G. It is too slow likely due to media cache files stored on nas. CPU is often saturated. Question - would change to DS3617Xs and installation of some (4?) SSDs make big difference in access to cache files ? Or better we switch to FS3600 which we also may have with SAS drives, but no SSDs. In other worlds low cost update or high end rental? Or other solution?
Yes, Qnap Thunderbolt ready models such as 72XT and 88X series are a popular choice. You get onboard NVMe for cache or storage and 8 bays for HDDs and SSD.Particularly interesting is the tvs-h1288x with Xeon and graphics built-in and 872XT with dual Thunderbolt + 10GbE.I hope this helps.

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