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Problem with Plex Media Server Synology DS920+?
Dear Sir / Madam,

Currently am I living in the Netherlands and enjoy watching your videos. Recently I have bought a NAS Synology DS920+ and enjoying it so far.
The only bump on road for me and what quite frustrating is. Is that when I install “Plex Media Server” from the package Center or through the website itself from Plex. Each time I open Plex Media Server I get an error when opening Plex Media Server “No soup for you! You do not have access to this server. This message plus the hours, I have spent to researching it to solve it. Let me too nowhere and is quite frustrating. That is the reason I wanted to contact you, because you are far more experienced than me and maybe you know the answer to this problem.

Could you please help me and guide me through process, what I should do? Thank you for reading this email and your time. I have also attached a screenshot of what I see when opening Plex Media Server with this email.

Is there any recommendation from your side? We have noticed that sometimes enabled firewall or ISP is blocking communication to Plex DNS servers.?User answer:"The way I’ve have solved it, is by changing my “LAN IP”. I’ve noticed that when your LAN IP is manually changed, this type of problem will happen. So, keeping it at default should resolve the problem. But personally, I’m not using Plex anymore, because of the playback issue. When you access your Plex from your computer and are watching a movie or a TV show, it is working fine, but when you are watching anything from your phone or tablet it is only allowing you 30 seconds before you get an error. Not a fun way to watch something. "

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