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10gbe NAS?


I am looking for a NAS that I can set up with my pc to allow greater storage and transfer speeds for editing.

I use a mix of 5k RED files and 8k x 8k h264/prores files for various projects.
I am not interested in multi user access, as this will only be me using the files.

Currently, I keep live projects on a 1TB nvme and transfer to USB external drives for long term storage, as the size of the footage and projects increase, this is fast becoming a hassle, especially when the footage/project exceeds 1tb.

I am looking for a budget conscious solution but am willing to spend the money where it is needed for transfer speeds.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Kind regards,
I would recommend TVS-472XT as a single user video editing solution. You will get an internal NVme storage option that can be used for cache or live editing. You can connect via Thunderbolt or 10GbE - whichever is more convenient.Internal hardware is fast enough to maintain 10GbE speeds and caching.The 3.5inch bays can be used for finished project storage and sharing. Or you can do live projects om this storage media with cache enables.Qnap software now also offers QSYNC with space-saving mode. You can link it to your computer in a way that seemingly there will be folders with files seen by the computer but actually located on a NAS.I hope this helps.

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