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I finally got my NAS DS920+ up and running. It was really slow with iMac with Catalina OS installed, late 2012 model. No-one could help, but it turned out the iMac was not configured to accepts SMB. Checing that and finally it transfer files in an acceptable speed.

No the next part is to put in some more memory and SSD.

I saw your article

Is this something you have more experience with now. is it safe - enough - to put in a 16 gb card, or should I go for the 8 gb from Synology. Also do you recommend one brand over the other - Crucial Kingston??

Which SSD disk do you recommend putting in the DS920+?

Yes, sometimes simple things can cause the most frustration.Synology RAM is fairly expensive therefore people often choose Crucial memory as an alternative. Synology sometimes will show a warning message that you do not use their RAM. But this does not affect performance.Also, there is no reason to upgrade above 6-8GB without a real use for it such as virtual machines or docker. Simply having more RAM does not speed up the performance.Adding SSD cache would help, especially if you have many users connecting or if you access the same files on daily bases or even run a web server or similar.The best SSD would e form Synology, but Samsung Evo Plus is my choice.I hope this helps.

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