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Netgear ReadyNas is dead ?

My 6 bay Netgear Readynas Ultra 6 has failed. I believe the drives are okay. The NAS box is unreachable.

I'd like to move those 6 drives of mixed capacities (2TB, 3TB, 4TB, etc.) to a new enclosure.

I do not have a backup.

Although I like the QNAP capabilities I don't believe QNAP supports a mixed capacity scenario.

My thinking is moving to a Synology DS1621+.

Can you please confirm that I should be able to migrate this enclosure without data loss.

Also are there other alternatives that would support my scenario.

Thank you for your kind advice.
Yes, only Synology will allow mixed drive setup. But only Netgear would allow simple drive migration. Other brands will require re-initialisation and disk wiping.You can use Synology tutorial to connect to a Linux and get your data out you can use this app hope this helps.

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