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220+ Vs 718+?

Hello how are you doing, I watched lot of your videos on nas and I like your content, I am ready to buy a nas but I am confused in a brand new 220+ vs used 718+ The difference in price is $110 (718 being cheaper around 2 years old) I will be mainly using to backup pictures and videos from my Mac to it and backing up 3 iPhones and MacBook and iMac to it, might be running an email server for me but that’s not decided yet. If you can please let me know i would really appreciate that.

DS718+ is now replaced with DS720+. But if you can still get hands-on with this older model it is certainly a much better choice then DS220+. You will get two additional CPU cores. This means more users, more apps and more functionality. It also can be expanded up to 7 drives. It is certainly a better choice.I hope this helps.

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