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HDD Drives for TVS-872xt?

I am an aspiring music video producer (producing 4K-6K multi camera shoots) and am a subsciber to your truly informative YouTube Channel..

After some deep research have purchased a QNAP TVS-872xt and am considering the following HDD drives.

8x HDD - Seagate EXOS 14TB X14 drives (ST14000NM0018)
2x-SSD - Samsung EVO Plus 1TB NVMe Drives (MZ-V7S1T0B/AM)

I would be grateful if you advice me on if these drives would seamlessly work on the QNAP TVS-872xt.

Any suggested improvements to the above choices?. The QNAP Compatibility list seems to have an advisory note on the screw ports of the x16 Seagate Enterprise drives.

Many Thanks for your help in advance!!


Yes, these drives are enterprise-class media. This means they work constantly at its best speed just so it cold deliver best speed and responsiveness. These drives also are louder than regular NAS drives. But the only way to get a speed without noise would be with 2.5inch SSD. But those cost quite a lot.NVMe internal M.2 SSD can also be used for storage, not cache. This could be a way of doing some direct editing if you find HDDs too loud.With a cache activated- all data will be first written to the SSD this speeds up the data transfer speeds too.Either way, you have chosen the best editing NAS there is (72XT). This is a popular choice among other video editors.I hope this helps.

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