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I can not decide between the Synology D220+ and Qnap TS253D


Thank you in advance for the free advice you are offering through this means.
As google is greatly reducing their photo's service, I started searching for alternatives.

After some research I found information about to the possibility of NASses and the role they can play here. I have seen some of your videos and red articles on your blog.
These brought me to the following solutions:
- QNAP TS-253D
- Synology DS220+
- Synology DS720+

But I can't decide which one wil bring the most value. I will be using the NAS for the family (we are 5 people). The intend is to use the NAS as it where google photo's:
- Whenever someone takes a picture with their smartphone, the picture is automaticly backed up in the "cloud" to her or his private spot, it is important that everyone has his or her own private spot for their photo's;
- Albums can be shared and filled by users with read/write access in common family albums;
- Albums can be shared to family out of the household circle (grandparents, ...) and friends without them having write access, only read access, in a very user friendly way, like the link you can make in google photo's to share (not everyone we share with has direct IT support at hands);
- Perhaps, set up a vpn on the NAS used by the smartphones, whenever we use free wifi provided somewhere in the city. Altough this is not a must. Somewhere I understood that this is a functionality that could be provided by a NAS;
- I will use 2 HDD's of 4 TB or 6 TB in RAID1 mode as this will be more enough calculating on the photo's we have today and what we will be having in the future.

Further will the NAS be used as storage. As I have my pc or laptop where I use an SSD for the operating system and swap partition. There is a HDD for all the software and to serve as storage. This storage would thus go to the NAS. For me and for the other family members, again in their own private space.

I am thinking of the Synology DS220+ as it is cheap and has a low power consumption (since the NAS will be almost 7/24 online). It seems to be enough for the use case I described but I am afraid it will not feel fast enough or it will fall behind in the future.
I do have an extra 4G 2666 sodimm spare RAM which should be campatible (although it is not the recommended one by Synology) to give that extra boost. The DS720+ has a little more power (the processor is a little better) but comes with features that we will not use, I can not see, for example any benefit from the M.2 cache possibility in my use case.
The QNAP TS-253D comes standard with 2 gig extra, I should be able to plug in the same spare RAM and it has a faster ethernet connection. It feels as if it would give a smoother user experience. But it uses more power and is more expensive. As for the Synology I have understood that creating multiple users accounts where everyone has their proper play ground is possible. And altouh I found that there are more user accounts possible on the QNAP, I could not find if it is possible to put screens in between user's play grounds.

I am working in IT and am not afraid of even building my own custom NAS, but for my family the experience has to be smooth and out of the box.

So, before going in and buying a NAS, these are the questions I have.
Will the Synology DS220+ be enough for a good experience of a private "google photo's"?
Or will we notice the QNAP TS-253D's extra power and can the QNAP handle the use case as described for each user and in a private photo play ground?

Thank you!

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