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Which UPS (Power Consumption Vs Max PSU Load) - Head Scratcher ?

Greetings...have been a subscribed supporter and customer over the years and have learnt much so for the, I thank you.

Two power cuts in the space of 8 hours this week has caused me to bring the timetable on searching for a UPS forward dramatically.

I run an old QNAP TS239Pro and a newer Synology DS918+ (3 10TB drives). Also running a Mac mini 2012 model (this runs my Plex media server, with all the content sitting on the Synology...legacy from when i tried running PMS on the QNAP years failed miserably due to some kind of bottle necking).

I am keen not to lose any data or the hardware through failure of power unexpectedly.

So, having watched a couple of your video's (twice and thrice over), i'm a little embarrassed to say that although i have a little technical understanding, this time, it's just not translated enough to enable me to decide WHICH UPS to for in terms of VA rating.

I'm hoping you can help...My issue (mentally) is knowing whether to look at the power 'consumption' rating of the devices OR the power rating of their respective power supply units? Hope that makes sense.

Synology - PSU = 100W but Consumption = 28.8W

QNAP - PSU = ??W but Consumption = 24W

Mac Mini - 'Max Power' = 85W but 'Normal/Idle = 11W

Asus AC68U Router - 33.25W but Normal/Idle = 10W

Can you advise which of the UPS i should be looking at based on the above ratings? Should i be adding up the consumption/normal/idle values or the PSU/Max Power ratings and then woking out the headroom based on the totals representing a 40% value?

APC or Cyberpower? Decisions decisions.

Hope you can help...



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