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Synology Drive VS Map Drive?

I purchased a Synology DS920+ in last year for a small office set up but we use heavy and demanding files (3D models with lots or referenced files, etc). In the local network we use a LAN connection with our shared folders as Map Drive connection (via Synology assistant) and all works really good.
The question is the following:
Sometimes we need to work out of the network. I tested Synology Drive and overall works good (with some programs working directly form the Drive there are some problems when saving, but not a major issue). One option would be to move all the shared folders to Synology Drive, but when working from the network (most of the time), it will be much faster to work directly with the Map Drive connection. Is it a way to synchronise Synology Drive with a Shared folder located also in the NAS, so we can benefit of both systems? Would you recommend another system?
Many thanks in advance for your support and all your videos, they help a lot!
Yes, the Drive app might take too long to sync properly. With multiple users connecting this might cause some discrepancies.There are a few things you can do. You can set up a WebDav or VPN. Web DAV will map a network drive over the internet. Similar like you do now over the network.A VPN will make your NAS appear as it was in your local network. You can then carry on using it as a network mapped drive.VPN would probably be the most attractive option since nothing really gonna change. You will simply trick the system as you were connected to that local network.I hope this helps.

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