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HDD choice?

I intend ordering a QNAP TS-453D unit to replace an old QNAP TS212 model.
This for home use providing backup for one Imac,
two Windows pcs & a Linux desktop.
Also to act as storage & server for FLAC music files to a streamer. Also for photo storage with ability to display on a smart tv.
The choice of HDDs is wide & varied particularly around CMR & SMR types for NAS use.
If I go for 4 off 3TB discs, which models would you recommend & why?
John Warhurst
Yes, Qnap 53D series is the most popular choice because these models are the most multimedia friendly. Not only you can cast your multimedia from a smartphone app but also use HDMI and remote control. Qnap allows time machine backup and Windows folder sync. If you want a deeper level Windows backup, you may need to use a Windows backup configuration. Synology would be simpler but it has no HDMI. Synology would also have better FLAC support if you use a first-party Audio app. But if you stream via DLNA on your streamer then Qnap will do an equally good job.SMR drives would not be a great choice for RAID5. Here is a list of CMR drives: Red Plus or Ironwolf drives would be the preferred choice.I hope this helps.

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