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Would like your opinion on NAS?

Priorities in order:

1. Backup
2. Private Cloud (esp photos)
3. Ease of use for others than myself
4. Possibly some techie lab scenarios like test vm hypervisor environments.
5. Tech support from Manufacturer.
Thank you for your support, this keeps us going.DS420 and DS920+ would be good options (DS220+/720+ as a dual-bay alternative). You can start with just 2 or 3 drives and add more later when you need more storage space.Synology would be the easiest system to set up and use if you have no previous experience with a NAS. You will get free apps that outcompete Dropbox or other cloud providers. It will be easy to set up a computer on mobile device backups. You can then easily organize your multimedia thanks to the built-in AI. You can filter by face, locations, and objects. Really handy features.Plus series NAS will allow you to set up virtual machines or Dockers. This can be very handy if you need something that can not be found on a NAS app store.The support from Synology is very good. They have branches around the globe including the US.If there is an issue they will help to resolve it or replace the box.I hope this helps.

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