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DS220J good for one or two 1080p cameras?

I don't have a NAS yet but was wondering if the DS220J had good enough hardware to support one or two 1080p surveillance cameras. I would not use it for much else besides file transfer related jobs. I already have a plex server so I wouldn't use the NAS for that. I know the 512MB RAM would be an issue but I would plan on only using one camera with the slight chance of two. This woudl be for home use.
Would 720P resolution be better for hardware limitations?
The MAX camera count is 12 on ds220j. I would not recommend more than 5 IP cameras though. The main struggle will happen during Surveillance station app use on a computer. When you try to load all camera feeds on the same screen, this could affect NAS performance with its tiny 512MB RAM. 

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