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Synology Integrity check /USB drives/?

recently jut bought the DS920+ synology.
Like to use this device to backup all pictures and inportant files...and more
To this time I done backup for files, images, videos on numerous HDD, many times same files dumped for more HDD to not to loose data. You can image for searching files is nightmare. Some of them was power off for a year/years.
Like to copy to my nas but got same file on more hdd.

HOW can I check integrity on files which is better version / on for storing version, files not changed/ on which harddrive. running some program to check it is any corruption . I heard that data could be rot when data just sitting on drive not rewrote on disk.
Example got 9 disk and 3of them have File A, other 4have File B . How can I know which is not rot?
The files is in Folders, the Main folder name is AAA then only A files inside, so there is no mismach for running program. I could run some program on disk 1 folder AAA, disk 2 folder AAA.
Just not sure which data is correct or which is corrupted. To open one by one would take a year/years Big Grin

Please help me out if you can, if not understand let me know

Thank you

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