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Bad sectors - DS216se and DS218+?

I have a DS216se with two WD drives (8tb each in Raid 1). The one drive is showing 3 bad sector count in the SMART test. Should I be concerned? It is only a backup NAS to the DS218+ as the 216se is underspec for streaming ( which I only found out later --arghhh). The 216se was purchased after my QNAP died on me with both drives showing faults (although managed to get the data off it). I have also been thinking of upgrading the 216se to a 220+ and then keeping the 218+ off site as 3-2-1. Currently I am using 2Brightsparks to back up the 218+ to the 216SE and it just works. Should I move to a DSM back up solution or continue using 2brightsparks when I move to the "cloud" where 220+ will be my master and 218+ will be a remote slave?
Bad sectors on a backup NAS is not something to be scared about. If the bad sector count goes up rapidly, then you can expect that drive to fail. You can then replace the drive. Or if you do not want to go through configuration again if you have RAID0 then you can replace a drive earlier. Using old NAS as a bckup is a very good idea. Using 2Brightsparks involves a computer in a middle. You can use Hyper backup to set up automated backups directly from a main NAS to a backup NAS. This will be faster and easier to recover. I hope this helps.

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